Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are residents in the 905 area getting ripped off?

While Toronto residents pay considerably less property tax than those in the 905 region, they also get far more in provincial transfers. On average they receive at least $1058 per person more than those in the 905. Ouch! As the 905s growth (read votes) outpaces that of Toronto, I would wager that this squeaky wheel is going to be getting some grease. I say "at least" because it has been a common complaint that Toronto gets more provincial help than other areas. There are some very valid arguments as to why this should be. Toronto does incur more demand for the types of services that these funds provide for. The question must be asked though, how much more?


Anonymous said...

Been Getting ripped Off for Years

FYI we've supplied lots of Comments to the Star like yours but the moderators are either ignorant or in disbelief of what we tell them isn't going on as ALL the experienced reporters seem to have disappeared & then there's the last municipal election where so called Editors there didn't even think to Google GTA areas to find Blogs like yours, they phoned local Metroland Newspaper Editors for background on Candidates & then replaced the Public Editor who received lots of complaints...

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